Background information


Our Values

In the past few years the rapid development of mobile technologies has introduced new devices in the retail market that have enabled the user to measure certain health or sports functions himself.

The biggest flaw of these new technologies is that they are specific to devices, meaning that a certain smart device can not measure more than one or two functions. In addition, the software that communicates with the instruments is also specific, so usually there is no point of communication between the systems. Recognizing the gaps, we are trying to build a service that combines both the suitable hardware and software.

Our wearable smart device is equipped with multiple sensors, allowing to simultaneously register multiple life functions.

The software storaging the measured data is capable of receiving, interpreting and processing these heterogeneous signals. Our results are analyzed and interpreted immediately in real time by which we are able to forecast and eliminate certain health risks.

When introducing new technologies and engineering solutions it is important to keep in mind the aspects of making new inventions as easy and seamless as possible in everyday life. Our tools and services are designed to provide the highest level of security for our users with the simplest handling.

Consumer needs

Based on our surveys, user needs prefer consumer products that are easy to handle and aesthetic in the same time. Our intentions to simplify the measurement was confirmed by the fact that the installation of standard measuring instruments is difficult for unskilled users that leads to bad placement, thus making a false and irreproachable measurement.

For this reason we have chosen to develop a wrist-wearable device with ECG measuring units installed, so we are able to measure the clinically accepted Einthoven-I lead. This is not equivalent to the results of the 12-lead method used in the clinic in the conventional diagnostic sense, but there are health problems that can be adequately screened by such a device.

Due to its manageability, our product seems to be more suitable for tracking patients for long periods of time like months or years, and to track events that can be registered in the first lead than conventional hospital equipment.It is very important for users to make it clear to them what information they receive from a product or how much it can make their lives easier. For this reason, we have put great emphasis on the development of the analytical software and services in addition to the physical product.

We are aware that in a classical sense the measurement of the first lead is a limitation in the usual cardiological analysis, so this physical disadvantage was replaced by the advantages of our algorithms.

Our method is based on continuous monitoring, meaning that it is not sufficient just to carry out the medical evaluation of the last measurement to observe the fluctuation of the threshold values. However, this task can not be performed by a physician, especially if we are talking about evaluating millions of records a day. To ensure accurate and reliable evaluations and calculations we develop an artificial intelligence running several self-developed algorithms.

Each of the displayed values are calculated by our own system. Based on authenticated and tested studies we completely tailored the mathematical methods to the needs of the measuring unit and the sensors so they can not be found in any other device.